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Area Spathi

Spathi Beach Suites Kea Tzia Greece hotel

Suites in Kea

Spathi Beach Suites Kea

It is claimed that the area has 2 different stories for its naming.

The one that wants to be named the area Sword because the bay that meets the sea is reminiscent of the handle of Spathi.

The second version claims that in the past this area hosted the production of swords by pirates hence the name.

Of course, on the slope of the coast that closes the bay from the south, an ancient mine site has been located.

Spathi Beach Suites Kea

It is located 17 km from the port of the island and the last 5 km include a dirt road.

On the northeastern side of the island in a highly protected bay from the north, ie the well-known meltemia of summer.

The beach is considered one of the largest in the length of the island with clear blue and clear waters.

Suites in Kea

If you are lucky enough to meet a local, you will be told several stories of carefree times that took place in this area because it was until recently an isolated part of the island. Even the existing dirt road is less than 30 years old.

Spathi Beach Suites Kea

You will hear about children who spent all day and night on the beach.

For fishermen who were hosted by the locals and exchanged their wares with their own products.

And for meals where their basic ingredients came only from the sea.

Suites in Kea

In the area you will find holiday homes, a business with a restaurant and sunbeds, a hotel by the sea, other accommodations as well as local products with the trademark of Thyme honey of the Spathi as well as other products.

For lovers of hiking from Spathi to Ioulida or vice versa can enjoy the path with a length of 4,800 meters.

In the summer months due to the sheltered spot you will find several sailing boats and boats moored.

It is also one of the most beautiful places on the island to enjoy the full moon as it appears above the beach.

Spathi Beach Suites Kea

Spathi Beach Suites Kea

Leaving if you choose to follow the route to Orko you will have the opportunity to meet successively one beach after another such as Kampi, Kalydonychi, Sykamia, Orko and others.

Of course if you choose the route to Kastoriani you will not miss, it is also a part of Tzia which is worth visiting.

A monastery of the 18th century built on a steep cliff with a view that captivates you.

Generally, you recommend the Sword for a quiet and relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle.

If what you are looking for is to be on a beautiful beach from morning till night you are looking in the right area.

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