The Spathi Beach Suites Kea consists of three main independent volumes, which are arranged centrally on the plot, with an amphitheater layout for the ultimate exploitation of the view.
The architectural composition of the band is shaped by following the traditional and morphological features of Tzia, Cycladic - traditional architecture) while incorporating modern aesthetics and design.
The design concept aims to create a unique identity of the accommodation, and to create a completely unique experience for the visitor.
Inspired by the sea, we convey the feeling of its blue, crystal clear water and light inside the rooms. In combination with the materiality found on the island, a space full of colors and toys of light is created, always respecting the traditional character of the area.
Located on the sea, integrated into a landscape with the beach, the suites offer every tone from the fantastic blue of the sky to the turquoise of the sea.
The complex is picturesque on the beach of Spathi, offering an aesthetic environment, more "home" than "hotel".
There are of course many more for the suites besides the incomparable view.
The space is dominated by modern design and elements for the preservation and promotion of the island aura of the accommodation.
The interior design of the rooms was based on a specific concept, minimal aesthetics inspired by natural materials and elements.
[sea - stone - wood - nature - light].
With elegant rooms and modern spaces, stunning views of the bay with floor-to-ceiling windows, direct access to the sea and a private terrace that steals the show you can effortlessly enjoy your senses by dining on your terrace with room service all day .
With plenty of natural light and an overwhelming sense of space, the suites offer an escape from reality and the perfect treatment for travelers looking for a full vacation, relaxation and relaxation.
Enjoy only the best and take your accommodation experience to a new, higher level, through a series of cool, unparalleled services and amenities.
Of course, the neighboring areas are also beautiful and worth exploring, if of course you can drag yourself away from the beach!

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Spathi Beach Suites Restaurant & Beach Bar  84002 Σπαθί, Κέα - Τζια. Τηλ .: +30 6942575627 e-mail:

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